This fantastic event will be showcasing a new report from University of Edinburgh School of Health in Social Sciences Researchers, and the Cyrenians homeless charity.

Dr Claire Mackintosh, the Clinical Director here are the Regional Infectious Diseases Unit, was interviewed as part of this process to give the perspective of NHS staff working at the coal face of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic response.

2020 was an extraordinary year when we found ourselves in a global pandemic. The news was full of healthcare services under pressure and people experiencing homelessness and living on the streets were thought to be highly vulnerable to the virus.

In the UK, unprecedented action was taken to practically eliminate rough sleeping. Bureaucracy was pushed aside, and government, health services, charities, businesses and individuals all joined forces. ‘Red tape’ fell away and those working in the third sector in Scotland found that they were able to act quickly to support people getting off the streets and into hotels and other accommodation.

Cyrenians captured this unique point in time with frontline staff, managers and people experiencing homelessness and isolation documenting their experiences through poems, songs, video interviews, reflective journals, tweets and photographs.

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh then analysed all of this ‘real time’ material in a report. They are excited to share this report with you and also launch an online exhibition space that showcases the creative materials participants produced.


You can find out more about this project, and sign up for the free virtual event here.