Start Date

Sept 2023


Closed to Recruitment

Principal Investigator

Dr Rebecca K Sutherland

The Odyssey Trial is a Phase 1 clinical trial conducted by Moderna to evaluate investigational vaccines that may protect people from getting sick if they come into contact with certain viruses that could cause global flu outbreaks.

The Odyssey Trial will assess the safety and immune responses to 4 investigational vaccines aimed at preventing a global influenza outbreak. Your participation in this clinical trial will not only help advance research of investigational mRNA flu vaccines but may also support investigational vaccine development for other infectious diseases.

You may have heard about avian flu and swine flu, sometimes referred to as bird flu and pig flu, respectively. These are examples of animal viruses that may, in rare cases, mutate and infect humans. These mutations can lead to rapid-spreading global outbreaks because people don’t naturally carry immunities to the new flu strains.

Because viruses are constantly changing, harmful new strains could emerge and spread around the world at any time. Preparing for potential new outbreaks by researching investigational vaccines could possibly limit global illnesses, hospitalizations, and death.

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